How do I control the game?

Everything is mapped to a joystick & 2 buttons (and an optional start button).

A button - X
B button - Z
Start button - Enter /Start/Options
Move - Arrow keys / Left joystick

Aボタン - X
Bボタン - Z
Startボタン - Enter /Start/Options
移動 - 矢印キー / 左スティック

How do I open the main menu/settings/mods/credits?

On the title screen, you can:
- Press any button other than START (Keyboard/Controller)
- Tap anywhere other than on the logo (Mobile)

Will the game get updates?

Yes, it's still in active development - this is just a demo.

I found a glitch/bug, what do I do?

Please contact the programmer on Discord! (@CenTdemeern1#3610)


HaachamaWare.exe 164 MB
HaachamaWare.apk 40 MB
HaachamaWare.x86_64 167 MB


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Great game, i like this so much, thank you for this,  now i can feel better to wating Haachama comback :(


Praying for the return of the strongest idol 🙏




more minigames?

We have a few more upstream- some will be included in the next update!
If you want to try them right now, you can check out the game's GitHub!


Really fun and beautiful game.

Thank you!

How do u play on computer? I love the game and its art style! But yeah 

You can either play the web version, or pick the download relevant to your operating system if you look right above the comments section.

I hope this helps! If not, could you please let me know what operating system your computer is using?

I think that this is a really fun game, but the victory audio looping is a little bit weird to me. I absolutely love the options you have incorporated though!

The looping is a bug! Sorry about that.

Hello!  I cover HoloGames and I want to stream HaachamaWare, I think a lot of people should revisit it! Is it ok?

Go ahead!


Is this game inspired from warioware?


ina looks so happy here :)

Sparkly eyes!

Nothing about this game has been said in a while from what I’ve been seeing. Is everything alright on the development team?

While I can't speak for the others, I am a bit busy right now - I'll go ask the others again when I have the time!

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This game donent work for me, i used a higher android version and it still didn't work

Uh oh, which version are you trying to run?

the web 

If you are on Android you should probably download the .apk file from the downloads instead of playing the web version - mobile devices don't like web games that much

i installed it from apk it worked



I made a model of an arcade cabinet inspired by your game :) (and made an Itch account just to post this comment.) Good work, friend!  https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/cabinet-9e4cfb69e40f4ac78db381a37973041b

Holy, man. I just wanna say that’s REALLY good


Deleted 335 days ago

TanukiArt that is really well made dude

haachamaware gameplay 

I was always expecting this to be playable, it now finally is


Okay first, this is a good game for hololive fan, i'm enjoyed the vibe and the gameplay so much. Second this game is good for chill and train focus, like after the soup spoon blow, we have to fast thing what happen next, and fast to respon it. Third, THE pixel art such a supremacy of the cuteness, natural, and simple, like it. For the rest, can't wait till the full game ^^

Glad you enjoyed it!






when will you update the game here? it says that the last time it got updated is on Aug, 17 2021 or is there any other place i can download the latest version?

This is the latest version, and this is the only "official" place to get the game- the update is just taking a while!

Well, I mean, you can always get the latest latest version from GitHub, but you have to run it from the source code there, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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idk what GitHub and source code means cuz I'm pretty bad at computer stuff but I understand that the only place I can play right now is in here so... thanks?

edit: tried to search github with your name, found it but still don't know how to install it, oh well...

Source code = the code behind the game
GitHub = a place where a lot of people keep public source code (public source code = "open source")

You can't install or run the game directly from the source code, you'll need to download the Godot Game Engine and do stuff through that. It's kinda complicated and you probably shouldn't go down the rabbit hole.

Yea... I'm just gonna wait for the update. Just cleared Deltarune chapter 2 now I'm still searching something similar to that masterpiece (btw thx for the info about GitHub, didn't know what it was before just know the site lol)

hm, i think i know somethings, maybe check the list of akaritsuki and david wu softdev, or well, play metaware high school maybe?

what is your plan for updates, if i may ask? one microgame at a time, or a batch of 'em?


We're developing them in batches, we already have a few waiting to be released with the next update.
If you don't like waiting, you can always check out the source code on GitHub!

How To make gura's pet to dance



that was pretty fun :D


Glad to hear it :)

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I absolutely LOVE this game! However, I’m curious to when the next update will arrive. You may possible be sick of this question, however, do you at least have a deadline? I would love to see the Ollie and Calli game in there!


Since I have school and stuff it could definitely take a bit, but from March onward I should be able to work on this a LOT more.

Also, I was originally planning on streaming the game’s development on YouTube last Sunday, but I couldn’t confirm with Ronin in time if it was okay to do so.

Because of the school stuff I just mentioned I’m afraid to set a deadline, sorry…

how do i do the bloop minigame?

It’s a Pokémon B cancel- mash the button mapped to B.

а-а-а что нажимать ааааааа

The controls are in the description (on the itch page, where you are right now)
I don't speak Russian so I can't really accurately translate the controls for you.
You can probably try Google Translate or something though!

Элементы управления находятся в описании (на странице itch, где вы сейчас находитесь).

Я не говорю по-русски, поэтому я не могу точно перевести элементы управления для вас.

Но вы можете попробовать Google Translate или что-то подобное!

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Не знаю, актуально ли это ещё писать, поскольку прошёл месяц, но вот что по поводу управления:

Игра управляется стрелками Лево, Право, Верх, Низ, Z и X.

Поскольку она работает по принципу джойстика, она спрашивает кнопки A и B.

За кнопку B отвечает Z (требуется в играх с акулёнком и боссом)

За кнопку A отвечает X (требуется в играх с рыбачущей Иной, пьющей Мори, Амогусом и боссом.)

Yup, that's right! Да, именно так!

Any new updates?

There are a few things that have been added to the source code since the release, but I haven’t had a lot of time since then since I have school and don’t have an infinite amount of free time.

Man, I wish I had all the time in the world to work on this kind of stuff

Great game. All of those minigames are just great. I'm waiting for the next update! + Art and music are on top tier level.


When will the finished product be available?


When it’s finished lol we don’t have a release date


I'm loving the game but, seriously, Z is B and X is A? Not the other way around? People go to jail for less than that.

Looking forward to new updates!

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Heh, control rebinding is coming in the next update

Seriously though I personally can’t play games with A on my middle finger and B on my pointer finger

I always have to have my pointer finger or thumb on A

It just doesn’t make sense to me for some reason 

The game is very good! Need just more minigames

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Next update!


10/10 game
also thanks for linux support

I love this, the art is nice and the gameplay is fun. Looking forward to new minigames on next updates!

Also maybe make it so that you can't get the same game twice in a row? Poor Gura was stuck in Suise's infinite death loop 6 times lol


This has already been implemented in the source code and will be available in the next update!

Nice! I'm loving the game so keep it up!

I dunno but for some reason the app doesn't start on my phone, or is it just have a long start up??

Shouldn’t take longer than a few seconds, can you contact me on discord?


Keep coming back to this about once a week! A bit addictive, yet the ones that always get me are shoot and drink

Current high score: 66

I can't get over how cute the pixel art of the Hololive members are! I love it!

Really fun , Wait for next update!

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this is a really fun little game! the shooting and killing minigames get kinda hard once the speed is higher!

Highscore: 43

Oooh, good job!

I recently beat my high score twice!

My current high score is 56, so I challenge you to beat that ;)

do you need a controller to play this?

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No, you can use a keyboard. Check the controls section!

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lmao dont even know it exist , they actually make it very nice


I don't know if this is a bug or just a result of it being a demo, but when you eventually get a game over, the jingle that plays loops. Other than that, the game is really well made! It can be a little hard to figure out what button to press at times (like with the suisei kill microgame), and having x be the a button is a little unintuitive, since usually that's z, but aside from those minor complaints that are more quality of life issues than actual problems with the game, I can't really think of anything to improve the game other than adding more microgames as time goes on. Keep up the good work!

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Most if not all of these issues have already been fixed in the source code and will be available in the next update!

For example, we have control rebinding, and we’ve added some missing button indicators, and squashed some bugs.

(And yes that jingle looping was a bug and it’s been fixed)

This is awesome so far, after a certain point I only seemed to get like 2/3 three of the games though, is that because of the speed up?

That’s just RNG ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


is this what covid does

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